Your bridal gown is not just another dress that you're never going to wear again. You're going to clean the clothes you're wearing now, so why wouldn't you clean the most important dress you'll ever wear in your lifetime. You don't want it to rot or turn yellow with stains. Your bridal gown needs to be preserved. That means you want your bridal gown dry cleaned to remove the bacteria but not with regular dry cleaning fluids because they contain caustics which are way too harsh for bridal materials and may even melt pearls and discolor sequins. You want your bridal gown to receive an anti-sugar treatment to remove invisible stains from wedding cake, icing and champagne, etc. You may not see these stains now but they will show up later. Oh yes, then there's light. Light over the years will destroy any material so the bridal gown must be boxed away from light. Lastly, you need a preservative to prevent bacteria over the years from re-entering your bridal gown and destroying it. So let Bridaltown preserve your wedding gown. The process takes 2-6 weeks. When your bridal gown is shipped to you it will arrive in an opaque outer shipping box and an inner see-through box sealed and preserved. We provide you with special gloves and resealing tape should you desire to inspect your bridal gown. You must reseal the bridal gown in the box after inspection to prevent the preservation from dissipating.

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